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294,00 €

(250 € outside EU.)


Initially a racing saddle, adopted today for cyclotourism and long distance, road and off-road cycling.

Suitable for upper body inclinations of 45° or less.


Its exceptional quality leather will adapt to your morphology to guarantee you a tailor-made comfort.


Comes with maintenance grease and tension key

Available in natural

Estimated delivery time 2 weeks.




  • Dimensions 255 mm x 150 mm
  • Height 70 mm
  • Rails Chrome spring steel - ø : 7 mm
  • Rivets Copper
  • Tensionning mechanism Yes
  • Leather Full-grain rump guaranteed first choice, extra-slow vegetable tanning 12 months.
  • Color Charcoal black, dyed with iron salts
  • Leather firmness Supple or firm
  • Weight ±550g depending on the leather


COMFORTABLE. Hand break-in before assembly according to the technique developed by Daniel Rebour, to reduce adaptation time. Mounted on spring wire which guarantees damping.

SPECIFIC. Each saddle leather is cut according to the fibres and the grain of the leather and sorted according to the natural differences of the material. Available in two firmnesses "supple" or "firm" depending on the weight of the cyclist and his practice, intense or occasional. We recommend a soft leather for cyclists under 75Kg and/or for occasional use, a firm leather for cyclists over 75Kg and/or for intensive use. Tell us about your practice in the contact form and we will be able to select the most suitable saddle for you.

FRENCH. Handmade in our workshop with materials coming exclusively from France.

DURABLE. IDÉALE saddles can be maintained, repaired and stored. These care instructions will help you to keep your saddle for a long time.

The black colour is obtained by reacting iron salts with the tannins in the leather. This ancestral method, already used by the Romans to dye the straps of their sandals, guarantees a transparency that reveals the grain of the leather. Unlike a synthetic dye, it does not alter the thermoregulating properties of the leather. As it becomes patinated, this black will gradually become dark brown.


Shipping : France: 12€  /  Europe : 20€  /  International: 30€.

(In case of multiple item order, the total shipping cost will be quoted).


Conceived in the early 1960s, its design required the development of specific tools and the use of a leather so far reserved for luxury items. Designed as a demonstration of the brand's outstanding know-how, combining esthetic and technicity, durability and comfort. The perfect alliance between form and function.

The manual break-in of the leather was developed jointly with Daniel Rebour, a sports journalist, experienced cyclist and friend of the Berthet family,

The sportiest model in the catalogue, it equipped the Peugeot team for the Tour de France, and reached the podium with Roger Pingeon in 1967.

Selle sur Cadre Peter Johnson


In 2018 the "90" equips the bike of the Cycles Cattin in 2018 at the B.Roads Concours de Machines

In 2019 the French adventurer Stéven Le Hyaric during his Paris-Dakar challenge (5700 Kms in 20 days).

As well as the bikes of Cycles Alex Singer and Cycles Grand Bois of the 2019 Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur Concours de Machines.