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Your IDÉALE saddle has been made with dedication and passion from the utmost quality materials, it can last a lifetime if you treat it with care.

We only use extra-slow vegetable-tanned French leather, which evolves, softens and acquires a patina over time, thus endowing it with a unique cachet that only long-lasting goods can achieve.

To ensure that your IDÉALE saddle will be a faithful and reliable partner over the years, we invite you to follow these care recommendations.



This is a new saddle, the settings will not be the same as on your previous saddle, take the time to find the necessary adjustments and get used to it.


IDEAL saddle tension key

As you use it, the leather will mold to fit your body. This is a desired effect because it ensures the comfort of an adjusted interface. However, sagging leather is not comfortable. When you feel that your saddle sags a little too much, tighten it with the supplied tension key. Do not give it more than one or two quarter turns at a time, too much tension puts too much strain on the leather and tears its fibres. Repeat if necessary after a few days. The operation is reversible, you will be able to relax by a quarter of a turn, if you finally find it too tense. Trust your feelings.

Tensioning screw

Your saddle will be usable until the tensioning screw has reached the end of its thread, under standard practice conditions several decades, and even beyond, because, as in the old days, it is possible to dismantle the leather, cut it back and reassemble it.


The leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Allow to dry completely before reusing the saddle or greasing it. Bien laisser sécher complètement avant de réutiliser la selle ou de la graisser.


Once or twice a year, at the beginning and end of the season for example, apply a small amount of grease to clean and dry leather. Apply a larger quantity on the underside than on the top, let it penetrate and wipe off with a soft cloth.


Vegetable-tanned leather is fairly resistant to water, a capacity that is further enhanced by the protection provided by the greaseproofing. However, it is not advisable to leave your saddle in the rain for long periods of time.

If your saddle gets very wet, wipe it thoroughly and then let it dry completely in a ventilated place (you can also loosen it a quarter turn while drying). Once completely dry, grease it more than usual and stretch it again.

If you are planning long rides in all weathers, especially without mudguards, we advise you to treat your saddle with our waterproofing spray, which will act as a “raincoat”, a protective overcoat, which however does not replace the nourishing step.


The leather of your saddle has already been broken in using the “Rebour” process. There is no need for any further treatment. You will only need to use it so that it gradually adapts to the shape of your body.

We do not recommend any other “recipes” such as putting it in cold or hot water, dipping it in fat, cleansing milk or any other product. This will only alter the structure of the leather.


If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to advise you in the best possible way.

Properly maintained, your IDÉALE saddle will become more beautiful upon riding with you and will acquire character over time.