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Cycles Alex Singer (France) – © Nicolas Joly
Cycles Grand Bois (Japon) – ©Nicolas Joly


The fourth edition of the Concours de Machines was hosted on the famous Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur 2019 edition. The challenge was for the 29 artisan framebuilders registered for the Concours to create their own version of the light randonneur for a rider taking part to the Paris-Best-Paris. We were pleased to equip the Cycles Alex Singer and the Cycles Grand Bois bicycles.

As the weight is part of the jury’s evaluation grid, we have adapted the “90” by replacing the traditional steel frame with a titanium and aluminium one. The copper rivets have also been replaced by aluminium ones. The saddle mounted by the two framebuilders thus weighed 350g, without any change on the leather seating which ensures its comfort.

Takayuki Maeno (@choco_kyoto) the Grand Bois pilot finished the event in 76h33, and the Japanese constructor won the 3rd place ex-aequo of the Concours.

Brunon Nénan, the Alex Singer rider completed his 1200 km without assistance in 63h20, a great performance on a machine weighing 9.7kg.

Due to the recent situation, the Concours de Machines 2020 has been postponed to next year. Until then, you could find all the information about the previous and future Concours on the Association des Artisans du Cycle‘s website.