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12,00 €

Traditionally made in the Jura mountain in France, this neutral spray gives leather waterproofing properties without affecting its appearance and retaining its water vapour permeability.

It also provides protection against salt stains.




  • Quantity: 50 ml
  • Package: Spray bottle without propellant
  • Formula: Water based, without any chlorofluorocarbon component.
  • Colour Clear


The extra-slow vegetable tanning of your saddle leather makes it fairly weatherproof.

In case of bad weather conditions, this product will act as a raincoat by creating a protective layer to ride quietly in all weathers.

This product does not replace the maintenance of your saddle with grease.

Apply an even coat by cross spraying or brushing.

These care instructions will help you to keep your saddle in good condition for a long time.


Shipping : France: 2€  /  Europe : 5€  /  International: 7€

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