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What could be the interest of a leather saddle today?

Its shape may seem outdated, it is heavier than a synthesis saddle and requires a minimum of care.

Even the material, leather, may seem archaic, in consideration of the wide range of innovative new technical materials available.

Yet for some cyclists, it remains a non-negotiable option. So what is its major asset? The answer comes down to one word: C O M F O R T.



To understand why a leather saddle is so comfortable, you need to understand the build and the natural qualities of leather Unlike most plastic (or carbon) shell saddles, which have a padding topped with a synthetic cover, a leather saddle is made of leather that is shaped and assembled between the nose at the front and the crescent at the back of the saddle, like a hammock. The leather used is thick and tanned so as to give it strength and can support the weight of the cyclist. But its capacity to deform according to the most important points of contact, but also according to the weight and the riding style of its user, allows it to completely adapt to the morphology of its user and his particularities.



While synthetic saddles are designed according to standard dimensions, to which cyclists must adapt by looking for the one whose characteristics will be closest to their needs, a leather saddle is uniquely moulded and thus becomes a tailor-made interface between the cyclist and the bike. In addition, leather has thermo-regulating properties, absorbs perspiration and prevents skin heating. Leather is THE material for a bicycle saddle.



Let us remember that until the 1970s, leather saddles were used in the Tour de France. Their heritage comes from the world of cycling performance, they can be used in almost all cycling disciplines, specially long distance: on the three points of contact of the cyclist on the bike, the saddle is the most important point of support and its use for long consecutive hours requires a perfectly adapted accessory.